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Boyne Grows Seed Library

Three seeds at differing stages of sprouting side by side becomes the Boyne Grows Seed Library logo.Kind of like a book library, but different!! The Boyne Grows Seed Library allows members to “check out” or “borrow” seeds from the seed library. Members plant the seeds, grow the plants, and let some of those plants go to seed. Once they’re ready, seeds are collected, dried, cleaned, labelled and returned to the library for use by members the next year.

About: How to Save Seeds | Quick link: Seed Library Tools and Books | Link to printable google doc: Seed Labels

Why a seed library?

Seed library cart made of wood in a natural finish with multiple drawers to store seeds.
The Boyne Grows Seed Library Cart was funded by the Carman Area Foundation.

The Boyne Grows Seed Library is a free seed project committed to increasing the capacity of our community to have equitable access to native and heritage seeds, and to provide education and programming that fosters community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing. It also works to increase community members’ engagement with our food system and overall self-sufficiency. Through this project, we aim to grow a robust local food system with increased food production and food security across Carman and the surrounding areas.

Open seed cart drawer with many kraft envelopes of seeds.



How to Get Involved

  1. Become A Member – A membership to the Boyne Grows Seed Library is free! Sign up on your next visit to the library.
  2. Visit the Seed Library to Borrow Seeds – Our Seed Library is located within the Boyne Regional Library. Members select the packets of seeds they would like and “check out” seeds using a self-checkout form for recording the seeds they are borrowing. If returning or donating, members record the seeds they have brought on the membership form and put seed envelopes in the seed return slot of the seed library cart.
  3. Save Seeds – Grow out your crop, harvest some for personal use and save the rest for seeds! For the Seed Library to be a sustainable community program, seed library members save and return clean and viable seeds to maintain the collection of seed in the library. Please see the seed-saving resources in the dropdown “How to Save Seeds”.
  4. Share/Return Seeds – Collect, dry and clean seeds from your healthiest and most productive plants and return some to the Seed Library to re-stock the collection and share with others. If you are unable to save seeds, we also welcome donations of OP (open-pollinated) seeds that are less than 1 year old. No F1 or F2 seeds (1st and 2nd generation hybrids) please!
  5. Volunteer – With your help, we will build a network of gardeners from beginners to experienced who share a love growing. By volunteering, you will help us to sustain this food initiative. From organizing and packaging, to labelling and stocking, we are looking for your help! Contact us today.

Seed Library Tools

The Boyne Regional Library has many seed starting tools and books you can borrow to help start seeds including grow lights, grow kits and paper pot makers. A Boyne Regional Library membership is required to borrow these.

Seed Donation/Return Tips

  • Check out How to Save Seeds
  • Please try to return at least what you have borrowed. If able, we would love more seed than was originally borrowed. This helps keep our seed library sustainable.
  • Make sure seed is dry and not F1, F2 or GMO (these seeds may not grow true to type)
  • Clearly LABEL all seed donations with the following information: Common name, Scientific name, variety, colour, year harvested, your name, and any other helpful information like taste, size, tips, etc.
  • Print the fillable seed labels or pick up envelopes from the library.

Want to help even more? Consider adopting a seed.

Seed Companies

The Boyne Grows Seed Library would like to thank these businesses for their seed donations.