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Your time and talents make a huge difference in the library. Just an hour or two each week can add so much value to your library and the programs offered to the community. It can make a real impact on your life too.

Adults or youth at least 12 years old can volunteer.

It is our goal to be a community doorway to reading, resources, and lifelong learning. When you volunteer at the library, you will:

  • Positively impact the library and programs
  • Develop lasting relationships
  • Strengthen our community
  • Gain new skills
  • Contribute your unique skills, talents, and knowledge
  • Help us meet our goals

Volunteer activities can be catered to your preference. We offer a large variety of volunteer activities including programming host, program preparations, shelving and tidying library collection items, creating book displays, data entry or typing, and seed library helpers.

If this sounds like an opportunity you may be interested in, please fill out the volunteer form and return it to the library. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We greatly appreciate your help!