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Hiring Policy

Approved: April 18th/2023


The Boyne Regional Library believes in hiring individuals that value teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation in the sharing of ideas and values with Boyne Regional Library staff, board and partners in our community and surrounding areas.

This hiring policy applies to all employees of the Boyne Regional Library.

Identification of Need

The first step in the hiring procedure is the identification of need of an additional or replacement employee.  The addition of any position must first be approved by the Board of Directors.  Filling vacated positions can be completed by the head librarian without approval from the board.

Job Description

A job description describes the areas of responsibility and accountability within the position.  When a position is vacant, it is appropriate to review and if necessary, update the job description to ensure that it is up to date.

Job Posting and Internal Transfers

Once the position is approved and the job description is finalized (if applicable), the head librarian will prepare the job posting that briefly describes the job opening.  It may also include preferred qualifications that may enhance performance in the position.

Recruitment Advertising

All positions will be advertised by placing the advertisement in the library, social media, the libraries website, and the monthly newsletter.

All advertising will include a statement advising that only applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted and all others are thanked for their interest in the position.

All qualified candidates will be encouraged to apply for positions.  As the library strives to be an equal opportunity employer, all postings will encourage applications from qualified persons from a visible minority group, and persons with disabilities.

Interview Process

The head librarian and the assistant librarian will screen applications and resumes prior to scheduling interviews.

Candidates will receive a confirmation email from the head librarian with the date and time of the scheduled interview.  The candidate will be given contact information should there be a circumstance and the candidate is unable to keep the scheduled interview time.  If the candidate misses the scheduled interview, a phone call and or email message will be left for the candidate to follow up.  It will be the candidate’s responsibility to contact the head librarian to reschedule a missed interview.  Candidates who then miss another interview will be considered no longer interested in the position.

All interviews must have the head librarian and the assistant librarian present during the interview process.  If the assistant librarian is unable to attend a board member will be present during the interview process.

During the interview process all candidates will be informed of the physical strength and dexterity that is required to handle information items and boxes up to 25 lbs. and to transport loaded book carts.  They also must have the ability to put items in order on high and low shelves and be able to transport items upstairs to the storage room or downstairs to the basement.  Candidates will also be informed during the interview if they are the successful candidate, they must provide a child abuse registry check prior to their start date.  All candidates that are interviewed will be notified that only the successful candidate will be notified by a specific date set out by the head librarian.

Employment Offers

Once a decision has been made to hire a candidate, an offer will be made subject to the completion of the child abuse registry check.

Revoked Offers

In the case when an offer must be revoked, the head librarian shall draft a letter to the candidate stating the legitimate reason for revoking the offer.

Legitimate reasons could include:

  1. Candidate is not able to provide a child abuse registry check.
  2. Candidate has falsified references or otherwise lied about a serious issue.

Initial Start Date

On the initial start date, employees will need to complete the required paperwork required for payroll, and be given the employee orientation, including dress code, and any other paperwork for the new position.  The head librarian will provide the new employee with a tour of the library, including fire drill practices, and provide the new hire with their job description.  Training for the position will begin immediately under the direction of the head librarian.

Performance Evaluations

Each new employee is given a 6-month qualifying period to determine 1. If the employee made the right choice in accepting the job offer and 2. If the library made the right choice in making the job offer to the candidate.  The head librarian must complete the performance evaluation on all candidates within the qualifying period and make a determination of the candidates continued employment.  If the employee is not meeting expectations, the board will be notified, and a decision will be made.  If it is determined to terminate the employee, the head librarian and a board member must attend the termination meeting.  All performance evaluations are to be signed by both the head librarian and the employee.  The head librarian will keep all documentation for the employee file.

In addition to the qualifying performance evaluation, all employees are to receive a performance evaluation at least annually.  Performance evaluations do not necessarily indicate a salary increase.